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We have over 20 years of experience in sound control. We offer a complete audio design service to commercial installations for nightclubs, marquees, pubs, hotels, conference centres, country estates, restaurants, and other entertainment venues. All components for the genuine SoundCeiling have been designed, developed and precision manufactured to the most exacting tolerances under laboratory conditions in Sweden. Not one, but three manufacturers, all experts in their own fields, are used to combine their individual manufacturing excellence to make the JBN Sound Ceilings the undisputed World leader in modular directional speaker systems. Now a fifth generation system and we are so confident in the quality of our product that we now offer a free 3 year warranty on our speakers.

The system utilises ‘Plane Wave’ technology to achieve astounding reductions in sound propagation and bass frequency transference in entertainment venues.. The size of the venue and dance floor is calculated to determine the number of modules required over a given area.

Compared to a conventional sound system where there is very little control over the distribution of sound, especially lower base frequencies, the genuine SoundCeiling has provided the ultimate solution to a universal problem faced by all entertainment venues.