The solution and the benefits you receive

By using the fifth generation, genuine JBN SoundCeiling the venue can confine the area of high-level sound and reduce the volume heard only a few meters away by 50%, providing the ultimate solution to a universal problem faced by all entertainment venues. With the genuine JBN SoundCeiling, sound pressure drop-off can be heard as soon as you step outside the column of sound created, which not only lends itself to reducing noise escaping the site but also allows the zoning of specific areas.

It offers the dancing guests high quality, powerful sound, whilst allowing for those outside the dance to hear only ambient background noise enabling them to have a normal conversation without shouting and those adjacent to the venue. And, most importantly it is a guaranteed alternative to expensive soundproofing methods by offering a 10dB reduction (15dB for marquees) in sound escaping any venue, thus allowing the venue to prosper and leaving adjacent neighbours unaffected.

  • A guaranteed noise reduction of 10dB outside the venue (15dB in marquees) eradicates complaints from neighbours
  • No restrictions to number of events held – increases profit
  • No restrictions to licence and extends operating hours – increases the venues popularity and profit
  • Eradicates any Noise at Work problems – no costly claims
  • Keep EHO’s at bay – meet regulations and stay within legislation
  • Improves sound quality – increases the venues popularity