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JBN Sound Ceiling – the revolutionary directional speaker system designed to provide high quality sound whilst reducing noise pollution and complaints.

The JBN Sound Ceiling has been used globally within venues for over 20 years.  Designed to confine sound to a specific area, JBN Sound Ceilings are now available to hire or purchase.

Hire packages

Available as a 25, 36 or 42 panel system, JBN Sound Ceilings are regularly used by hotels, conference centres, country estates, restaurants, marquee and other entertainment companies which require sound solutions for a one-off or regular event.

Able to confine the area of high-level sound it reduces the volume heard only a few metres away by 50%, providing a genuine sound solution to a universal problem faced by all entertainment venues.

Each Sound Ceiling system is:

– truss mounted and fitted by a sound technician or sound engineer

– fully inclusive of rigging, sound equipment, installation and calibration which means your DJ does not need to bring their own speakers

– volume (db.) controlled.  The sound level is set so you don’t have to worry about anyone increasing the volume!

Hire Budget

1-100 persons 25 panel system(3m x 3m) £1,169.00
101-150 persons 36 panel system(3.6m x 3.6m) £1,669.00
151-300 persons 42 panel system(4.2m x 4.2m) £2,339.00
301+ persons Price on request

All of the above are exclusive of VAT

Sale packages

All JBN Sound Ceilings are provided with a free, 3 year warranty and are available in three configurations:

Portable system: ideal for demonstrations or installations in venues which require single or infrequent use. Available in a number of speaker configurations.

Built in system: a permanent solution for venues who hold regular events.  Available in a number of speaker configurations.

Bespoke system: designed to solve individual acoustic problems.  A complete turnkey solution, ideal for indoor entertainment venues or new builds.

Payment options

Once you have decided which JBN Sound Ceiling system is right for you, there are two payment options available:

  1. Split payment: 50% of payment required on receipt of order.
  2. Monthly payment: a selection of payment plans are available over 3-5 years dependent on your requirements.

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