SoundCeilings UK Sales & Hire has the solution to all your noise problems…

SoundCeilings designed to keep everyone happy

..with the new fifth generation, genuine JBN SoundCeiling, the revolutionary directional speaker system for the control of amplified music designed to direct high quality sound to specific areas whilst leaving adjacent areas free from excessive noise. Suitable for all outdoor and indoor venues. You can now have a soundproof marquee!


The genuine JBN SoundCeiling is a tried and tested modular based directional speaker system that that is installed in or suspended from the ceiling of your venue, just above the dance floor, or similar location where music is required to be directed, which means you get all the atmosphere of a night club on the dance floor but the ability to chat at your table – or the bar!

It has helped numerous venue owners to meet government restrictions related to noise pollution regulations, to comply with new ‘Noise at Work’ legislation and has been instrumental in the successful application for permanent/semi-permanent marquees where their installation has been a condition of planning consent.