Barrington Hall, Cambridgeshire

On the grounds of 17th century Barrington Hall is a semi-permanent marquee used to host weddings, corporate events, and an array of other special occasions. Situated in the heart of quiet quintessentially English village Barrington the picturesque scenery means that a marquee spilling noise was not an option. Environmental Health had begun to apply pressure leaving the owners not knowing what options they had. Having battled with the problem for a while, an introduction to SoundCeilings UK via Techtonics couldn’t have come at a better time.

Since the original consultation both SoundCeilings UK and Barrington Hall have worked together to reach the ultimate solution for a problem marquee owners all over the country are suffering.

In the case of traditional pole marquees there are two options in regards to installing, either utillising a free standing tri-truss frame or rigging directly onto a central pole. From the tri-truss frame erected at Barrington Hall we hung the alluiminim grid which is used to house the Sound Ceiling tiles. In addition to the 32 tiles, providing in excess of 98dB a racking unit contains all amplification, processors set up by our sound team.