Lazaat Hotel, East Yorkshire

Lazaat, a wonderful boutique hotel in Cottingham, East Yorkshire first made contact with Sound Ceilings UK concerning their planning application for a new pavilion marquee. The finished article is exactly that, beautifully decorated and of substantial size ‘The Pavilion’ can cater for any type of party whatever the occasion.

Whilst there was one tenant in close proximity to the provisional marquee location, the primary concern for owner Naveed Choudry was that the on site Indian restaurant would be affected by noise created due to the new addition. Mr Choudry’s restaurant, is positioned approximately 25m away, and features two external glass walls facing the marquee site.

The self-contained curved roof Roder marquee now hosts an array of events but predominantly provides an arena for wedding celebrations. At 15m X 27m with a capacity of 350 a large dancefloor was essential. Once an area for the dancefloor and sizing for the SoundCeiling calculated, a framing to house the SoundCeiling was specifically designed for Lazzat by our structural engineer.

In most rigid framed marquees, Kader clamps are used as a means of attaching the SoundCeiling frame to the marquee structure itself. In this case as a cyclorama lining was being installed inside, this meant that the SoundCeiling and any framing for the system had to be contained within the 225mm depth between outer lining and inside edge of the structural frame. In order to accomplish this steel frame was fabricated and bolted via custom-made plates onto the frame to house the 3.6m X 3m aluminium SoundCeiling frame. From there our 30 tile SoundCeiling rig could be installed leaving nothing proud of the marquee structure, a cyclorama lining was then pulled tight and the rest of the internal work completed leaving no sign of any system at all – all except a dancefloor with levels in excess of +100dB that is!